How To Perform FRP Unlock/Screen Bypass On LG Android Devices [TungKick Method]

FRP is an acronym for Factory Reset Protection. FRP is an extra layer of security which protects your phone's data in case of theft. FRP was first introduced in Lollipop version of Androids.

Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to technology. Too often do we forget our mobile phone’s password and it can lead to a lot of issues. Whether you’re an Android user or an iOS user, you’ll have run into an issue like this in the past; it’s simply inevitable.

Here on this page is detailed tutorial on how to perform FRP Unlock on LG Android Devices using TungKick LG Bypass Tool.

How to  Use the Tungkick LG Bypass Tool to Bypass LG Lock Screen.

NOTE: This method was developed to bypass the authentication security which is in place when you factory reset your device. If you’ve ever reset your device, then you’ll know that if you have a passcode in place, or if you have a Google account linked to the device, then you have to authenticate the device upon launching it for the first time after the reset.

Now, below are the steps on how to bypass LG Lock screen using TungKick LG bypass tool.

Step 1 – Start off by download the Tungkick application, which you can download for free using this link here.

Step 2 – After you have it downloaded, extract the files from the compressed folder to a new folder on your desktop, which we will return to later.

Step 3 – You should enter your LG device into  “Download Mode”.

NOTE: To put your device into download mode, turn the device off for a short while. When turning it back on, hold the power button as well as the “volume up” button on the side of your device. While holding these buttons, connect your device to your computer using the original USB cable. When the download mode menu appears, release the buttons.

Step 4 – Back on your computer, open up the folder where you extracted the compressed files contents, and open the program titled “Tool.exe”. A program which looks similar to the command prompt will appear.

Step 5 – A list of devices will be shown. Select the device which you have connected to the computer by entering the corresponding number.

Step 6 – You have now successfully used the Tungkick method to bypass your LG  lock screen and get access to your device.

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