How to Root Itel P51 and Install TWRP Recovery

Itel P51 is a SpreadTrum android device with android version 7.0. It is one of the best SPD android devices produced by Itel so far (as at the time this article is published).

In this article, I explain the step by step guide of rooting and Installing TWRP Recovery on Itel P51 SPD android.
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Rooting Android, What Does it Mean?

All untampered android devices come with some secured/protected partitions. This protected partitions prevent some applications from gaining access to the crucial aspects/parts of the android devices' system.

Meanwhile, rooting android device is the process of removing the locks on the protected partitions of the android device. 

Why Root Android Device?

Rooting your android device makes it possible for you to perform a lot of activities you might not be able to perform ordinarily on the phone.

Activities like changing the phone's fonts, tweaking the IMEI, using some VPN apps, changing or hiding your IPs among others. 

Any Side Effects Rooting Android?

Sure. There are some side effects. However, almost all the side effects can be over-ridden or avoided if you desist from going beyond your limits.

The simple rule to avoid all the side effects is "Do not do what you are not sure of and do not install apps you can't handle"

How to Root iTEL P51

The guides given here have been used to root several Itel P51 and confirmed working. All things being equal, you should safely use this method to root any Itel P51.

To Root Itel P51 we are going to be using the Adb Tool Mode or Flash Tool method with TWRP recovery for Itel P51. It will be wise you read the post very well before flashing the recovery to avoid any errors or brick of the device. I believe many using this device have googled on how to root their device without getting any good result worry not with this ported recovery you can now root your device in a minute and get the freedom you need to explore your device the way you like it. Read the tutorial below to the end so that you can root Itel P51.
The TWRP features an attractive user interface (UI), and by the following the step by step guide you can install TWRP for your Itel P51. You can download TWRP Recovery for  Itel P51 from the links provided in this post. The steps given in this post is merely for installing and rooting TWRP on Itel P51, you are advised not to use this file for any other Android device.
If you would like to unleash the full potential of your  Itel P51 hardware, then flashing the TWRP Recovery and rooting is the main concern. The official Stock ROM of your device has limited and unsupported features of Customization. When you have TWRP recovery flashed and rooted, you are free to install any Mods, Custom ROMs, Xposed and custom Kernel etc., as well as many apps which needs root access for it to work properly.
Before you install recovery on your itel p51, pls note that your phone's bootloader must be unlocked. If you are yet to unlock your itel p51 bootloader, follow the guides here.

 Things you need for the successful installation.

  1. PC
  2. VComm Drivers Window 7  Go Here
  3. VComm Drivers Window 8/10 Go Here
  4. Magisk 13.5  Here
  5. SuperSu 2.82 Here
  6. adb and fastboot driver
  7.  No verity opt Encrypt Disabler

Install Recovery For Itel P51
  • Download the Twrp Recovery From the below link,
    Download ADB folder and Fastboot driver Installer.
  • Go to Setting>About Phone>type 7 time Build number > Back>Developer Option and Enable Device Debugging And Oem Unlock.
  • Now Install Correct ADB and fastboot Driver on Your PC
  • Go to ADB folder then connect your device the to PC Via USB cord
  • Type Cmd at the top URL bar of your drive C to bring the Command Layout
  • Then type this command Adb Reboot bootloader
  • Your Device should boot into Fastboot Mode
  • The recovery you downloaded (Rename to it to recovery) then move to the adb Folder.
  • Now type this Command Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • The above command will make ADB flash the Recovery you copied to Adb folder
  • Now type this Command Fastboot Reboot to reboot your device to normal Mode
Vola you have successfully flash the TWRP recovery on your device so next thing to do is to root Itel P51  if it is not rooted.
How To Root Itel P51
Make sure that you have downloaded the Magisk/SuperSU file. Then, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Transfer the downloaded Magisk/SuperSU file to the internal storage or Mcard of your smartphone.
Step 2: Now, boot into Recovery Mode. From the TWRP recovery interface, you are recommended to backup your device Stock ROM if in case the process gets failed, you can restore your Stock ROM back via the TWRP Recovery Mode.
Step 3: Click on the Install‘, and navigate to the file ‘Magisk/ file’ and swipe to confirm the flash (located at the bottom of your screen). The flashing process should start it will take some seconds to complete.
Congratulations, now you have rooted your Itel P51 and also have TWRP Recovery installed. Now, you can now install the Xposed Framework, and customise your device as per your preference. If you wish to verify that your device is rooted, download Root Checker app to check your device Root Status.
Flash the No verity opt Encrypt Disabler via your Twrp recovery to allow you to update your phone
 Some Credits goes to androidVillaz for providing the download links

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