Free Windows 7 Hacktivator Download: Activate All Windows 7

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Just in case your Windows 7 is no longer genue and is requesting for the activation key, you can now activate any version of Windows 7 using this free working Windows 7 hacktivator.

Usually, when you format a PC and loads Windows 7 (Premium, Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional) on the PC, it is actually possible to complete the installation without a valid activation key but, definitely, after a period of one month (30 Days), the Windows 7 on the PC becomes less effective thereby requesting for your activation key.
In order to save you the troubles of looking for a genue Windows 7 or a Windows 7 activation key, you can simply download this Windows 7 hacktivator, run it on your PC and pronto! You are activated.

How to Run this Windows 7 Hacktivator

1- Disable Antivirus Program: most antivirus programs see hacktivator program as virus because of the work they do, "removing restrictions" therefore; you need to disable your antivirus program before you download or run this Windows 7 activator on your PC.

2- Download And Extract the Program from here:: this file is compressed in a zip file. Simply download the file and extract it into a folder on your PC using WinZIP, WinRAR or any other ZIP File extractor program.

3- Locate And Lunch the Hacktivator: locate and lunch the hacktivator program on your PC. Follow the step by guides given to you by the program until the process is complete.

4- Restart your PC: once the program is done, restart your PC and begin enjoying a fully activated Windows 7!

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