How to Install Android Games with Cache Files, Usually 3D Games

Heavy games like GTA, PES, NBA among others usually have separate cache files needed to run them on android devices. Usually, these games would prompt you to install the cache files at first lunch however, downloading them directly is not always advisable because of the unstable signal strength that may interrupt your downloads halfway through.

Since you can simply download the cache file and move it onto your android device and then, enjoy your game, you do not need to waste your data needlessly.

In this tutorial, I discuss how to locate the cache file folder for games developed by most popular game developers like Gameloft, Electronic Art also known as EA, Glu and others and then, install the games successfully on your android devices.

1- Cache File for Games: this is where the graphics like the images, arts, sounds and other files of most 3D and other HD games are parked. It is usually contained in another folder.

1- How to Locate and Install Cache Files of Android Games.

1- Download and Install the Game: supposing you want to install GTA III on your android device, simply download the APK file and install it on your android device.

2- Lunch the Game: now, run the game on your android device. Usually, it will prompt you to install the files on your android device, press "OK or Yes" and wait few seconds (10 - 15 seconds) and then; stop it.

3- Locate the Game's  OBB Folder: the OBB folder is where the cache file should be placed or extracted. To locate this folder, install any file explorer like ES File Explorer and locate the appropriate folder for your android version as listed below.

For Android 4.0 Upward
i- Gameloft Cache Game Folder is: sdcard/gameloft/games/(game name*) or sdcard/Android/data/(game name*) -if you have installed the Game directly from Play Store.

ii- Electronic Arts (EA) games – sdcard/Android/data/(game name*)

iii- Glu games – sdcard/glu/(game name*)

iv- Games by other developers – sdcard/data/data/(game name *) or sdcard/(game name *)

For Android 2.3 - 3.8
Every games cache file should be placed or extracted in the path below:

4- Extract and Place the Cache File In the Folder: now, extract the cache file either with your PC or your phone and place it (without any modification) in the exact folder as indicated above.

5- Enjoy Gaming! You can now lunch the game and enjoy!

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